Sentry 2020 for Windows XP Sentry 2020
Windows XP
Transparent disk encryption

Sentry 2020 for Pocket PC Sentry 2020
Pocket PC
Transparent file encryption

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Pocket PC
Format, Scan, Defragment


Company Profile

SoftWinter is a developer of Sentry 2020, the first transparent encryption product for Windows NT. The company also provides development and consulting services. All SoftWinter encryption products have strong (128 bits key or more) encryption, world wide. The products do not contain an unknown or undocumented message or key recovery method (usually called backdoor). The only way to recover the encrypted messages is to know and use the applicable key. The alternative, testing all possible keys, is practically an impossible task to accomplish even when using all computing power in the world. SoftWinter is a privately held company founded in 1996.

Contact Information

Fax: (USA) +1-815-3613723


SoftWinter is a highly experienced company working with Windows NT and Windows CE system programming (Drivers, System Services, Security, Encryption). We provide state of the art consulting services ranging from short-term consulting, to complete software design and development. Our focus is on Windows NT, Windows CE system level software.


Do you need to design a system that uses kernel components? Do you need to get some know how to start with? Call a consultant from SoftWinter, you will be saving time, effort, and cost. We will assist you to create a better working product.

Custom Development

SoftWinter has experience in developing many system level components. We have struggled to decipher the operating system's design, therefore, we can design efficient code to provide you with efficient drivers, components and system services.

Sentry 2020 for Pocket PC Sentry 2020 for Wndows XP StorageTools for Pocket PC