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Transparent disk encryption

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Transparent file encryption

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Sentry 2020
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  • Getting started

    1. Create new volume

    To create a new volume, select menu command "File/New". Enter the names of volume and key files, volume file size, encryption algorithm to use, and a password to encrypt volume with.

    2. Mount the volume

    To mount the volume, select menu command "Volume/Mount". Enter the password used when the volume was created. If the volume is mounted for the first time, the dialog will appear asking you to format the volume. After the volume is successfully formatted, it is ready for use, and appears as a folder in the system root.

    3. Use the volume

    Copy your files to and from Sentry folder in the system root, or open your files directly from Sentry folder using any application. The encryption is performed on the fly as applications access files in the encrypted folder.

    4. Dismount the volume

    After you finished working with the volume, you should dismount it to prevent unauthorized access to your data. To dismount the volume, select menu command "Volume/Dismount".

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