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Sentry 2020
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    Sentry Volume File (usually has RAW file extension) contains virtual volume data in encrypted form. Sentry Key File (usually has KEY file extension) contains key used to encrypt volume file.

    Mounting the volume

    Multiple volumes can be mounted simultaneously. When the volume is mounted a folder appears in the system root. On Windows CE 2.1 and later the name of the folder is the name of the volume file without extension. On Windows CE prior to version 2.1, the name of the folder has the form of "Storage Card#", where # is some number depending on the other volumes in use.

    Dismounting the volume

    After you finished working with the volume, you should dismount it to prevent unauthorized access to your data. To dismount the volume, select menu command "Volume/Dismount". Don't forget to close all applications working with this volume before dismounting. After the volume is dismounted, it is no longer visible to the system. The password is required to remount the volume to make it available to the system again.

    Open / Close

    Use Open and Close commands when moving Sentry volume files to another folder or computer (Windows CE or Windows NT/2000/XP). Close the volume at its current location, then open it from the new location.

    "My Documents" folder

    Many Palm-size PC and Pocket PC applications can only work with files located in "My Documents" folders in main memory or on storage cards. These applications require "My Documents" folder inside Sentry folder. Pocket Word, for example, will create it automatically when you use "Save As" or "Rename/Move" command and specify Sentry folder as the file location.

    Volume inactivity timeout

    Specify inactivity timeout in minutes after which volume is automatically dismounted. Zero indicates no inactivity timeout.

    Command line options

    Sentry.exe supports following command line options:
    mount [/volume] file.raw [/key file.key] [/password 12345]
    dismount [/volume] file.raw

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