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Transparent disk encryption

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StorageTools for Pocket PC StorageTools
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Format, Scan, Defragment

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  • Using StorageTools

    Selecting a Storage Card

    Select any storage card using StorageTools volume selection box. StorageTools will display all cards available on your device.


    Format options:
    File System - select FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32.
    Cluster Size - smaller cluster size leads to less wasted space when you have many small files, while larger cluster size leads to better performance when you have few large files.
    Backup FAT - select to improve file system reliability.


    To check integrity of the storage card, select your card from the list, tap Verify button.

    To fix errors on storage card, tap Repair button.


    Analyze provides information about files and free space fragmentation and slack (wasted) space on the card.


    To eliminate fragmentation on the storage card, select your storage card from the list, and tap on Defrag button.

    Initial defragmentation of a heavily used storage card could take a lot of time. Subsequent defragmentations are usually much faster. Please be patient and allow defragmentation process to finish.

    You can cancel defragmentation process by tapping on Stop button. Defragmentation process will stop after file currently being defragmented is finished. If this file is large, canceling defragmentation could take some time.

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