Sentry 2020 for Windows XP Sentry 2020
Windows XP
Transparent disk encryption

Sentry 2020 for Pocket PC Sentry 2020
Pocket PC
Transparent file encryption

StorageTools for Pocket PC StorageTools
Pocket PC
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d) Warranty Service. Reseller shall make appropriate arrangement with SoftWinter to provide warranty service for all Software Products. If a Software Product qualifies under the warranty provisions of the applicable End-User Agreement for warranty service, Reseller will return the Software Product to the source from which Reseller obtained it (i.e., SoftWinter or its authorized distributors) for replacement by such source.
e) Records and Reports. Reseller agrees to maintain a complete, clear and accurate record for two (2) years of the number of packages of each Software Product distributed by product line, to whom they were distributed and the payments received thereof irrespective of the source. A monthly on-hand inventory report listing Software Product quantities by product line shall be maintained. Upon request, Reseller shall provide such records to SoftWinter. Reseller shall permit SoftWinter or persons designated by SoftWinter to inspect records pertaining to the Software Products and any other materials provided to Reseller by SoftWinter to ensure compliance by Reseller with its obligations to SoftWinter. Any such inspection and audit shall be conducted during regular business hours and in such a manner as not to interfere with normal business activities of Reseller.
f) Sell Software Products to End Users only in the country in which Reseller's principle place of business is located pursuant to the terms and conditions of the then current applicable Software Product End User License Agreement ("End User Agreement"). Reseller shall distribute the Software Products solely in the form obtained from SoftWinter or SoftWinter's authorized distributors.
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