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Transparent disk encryption

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Sentry 2020 for Windows

Sentry 2020/XP box
Version: 3.0 b17
Released: 2007/03/13


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Sentry 2020/XP Documentation
FAQ: Sentry 2020/XP FAQ


The first security system that protects volumes, files, folders and programs quickly and easily. You have every reason to be concerned about who has the access to the business data on your computer, and very much like having a vault on your hard drive, Sentry 2020 provides extremely strong security so no one but you can access your confidential information.

Easy and friendly interface
Sentry 2020 integrates with Windows Explorer, providing a familiar user interface.

Strong Security
Encryption strength is determined by key length. The longer the key, the harder it is to break. While some of our competitors offer weak 40 bit keys, Sentry 2020 uses a key length of 128 or more bits, offering deep strong security for your data.

Sentry 2020 is dramatically faster than other security packages, most algorithms implemented in machine language and because Sentry 2020, which operates at the volume level, has fewer operations to undergo for a given number of files than traditional file-based systems.

Key Benefits
- Supports all Windows XP/2000/NT disk types and features - C2 security, fault tolerance, mirroring, stripe sets, native NT backups, etc
- Blowfish-448, CAST-128, MDC-1024, Square-128, Safer-128, DES-64(56), Triple DES-128(112)
- Volumes could be safely mounted from any network file server
- Key can be preserved on different media that data (like PCMCI card or floppy)
- Hotkey and logout dismounting features
- Volume inactivity time-out 
- Remote administration
- Multiple volumes
- Command line interface
- Install and Uninstall options
- Compatible with Sentry 2020 for Windows Mobile

Supported platforms
- Windows Server 2003 x64
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows XP x64
- Windows XP
- Windows 2000
- Windows NT 4.0

Experimental support
- Windows Vista x64
- Windows Vista


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