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Is your software compatible with XScale processors (iPAQ 39xx, Toshiba e740, etc.)?
XScale is fully compatible with current ARM processors. All software compiled for ARM runs on XScale. StorageTools and Sentry 2020/CE work on XScale iPAQ 39xx, Toshiba e740 and other XScale devices.
Why to defrag Compact Flash?
When the file is fragmented, every read/write operation requires jumping all over FAT table to locate which physical cluster corresponds to the particular place in file. This may require multiple reads from the card. After defragmentation FAT table contains single compressed record for the file, and getting physical cluster is a fast, linear operation.
Defrag appears to hang
The first time a storage card is defragmented it may take a lot of time, and the application might appear to lock up. The time largely depends on the size of the card, free space, number of files, and fragmentation level. Please be patient and allow StorageTools to complete defragmentation. Subsequent defragmentations are usually much faster.
What cluster size should I use?
Smaller cluster size leads to less wasted space when you have many small files while larger cluster size leads to better performance when you have few large files.
Why do I get "Exclusive Access" message?
When there are open files on the volume, StorageTools can not gain exclusive access to the volume, and can not perform operations like defragment. If StorageTools itself is installed on storage card, it will not be able to defragment that card. In that case you need to reinstall StorageTools to MAIN MEMORY.

When other applications have open files on storage card, follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1) remove your storage card
2) soft-reset your device
3) run StorageTools
4) insert your card back
5) run operations like defragment.
What file system I should use FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32?
It depends on the storage card size.
For larger cards, 64MB and up, the answer is almost always FAT32.
FAT32 can be incompatible with digital cameras.
I got read/write errors or unable to see the card or StorageTools hangs indefinitely.
Your storage card may be physically defective. This makes StorageTools "hang" when accessing the defective area. Although it could happened with any card, there seems to be an especially large number of SD/MMC cards with defects. We are working on the special format mode which will allow marking defective sectors, so that the rest of the card could still be used reliably. This feature is planned for next version of StorageTools.
What is Slack Space?
Space for files is allocated by FAT file system in chunks called clusters. This means that some space is usually wasted for every file, because file does not occupy exact number of clusters. For example, if volume cluster size is 4KB and you copy 1KB file to it, the whole cluster is allocated for that file and 3KB is wasted as "slack space". If you have a volume with large cluster size and you place a lot of small files on it, then a large amount of space would be wasted. The only solution is to reformat the volume with smaller cluster size, preferably 512 bytes.
What is Automatically fix all errors?
If you don't select "Automatically fix all errors", you will be presented with a question about every error found, and will have a chance to cancel repair process. If "Automatically fix all errors" is selected, all errors found will be fixed without asking any questions.
What is Backup FAT?
This is a FAT file system option, which specifies that second file allocation table will be created in addition to the usual single one. If later there will be some reliability problems with the card, repair functionality of the StorageTools will have more information about file allocations and better chance of information recovery.
Why StorageTools doesn't see my "iPAQ File Store"?
StorageTools currently only supports storage cards formatted with FAT/FAT32 file system. This includes external memory cards like CompactFlash, SD/MMC, etc. and virtual storage cards like encrypted Sentry 2020/CE volumes. "Persistent Storage" folders like "iPAQ File Store" are using proprietary Intel file system and are not supported by StorageTools at this time.
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